Are you working on a project or do you have plans to develop your organization to a higher or international level? In all of these situations King Invest is willing to listen carefully and offer assistance and professional input in thinking through stages to realization of your plans. Read more

Interim management

The result counts! Although we hear these words many times in management, we dare to challenge the statement with questions like: What results exactly? Short-term results so the company can move on for a little while? Or long-term results in which a solid base is created for future developments? What goals have to be accomplished if you plan to appoint an interim-manager? Read more


In daily life and business we experience what integrity and trust mean to people. For the trust-business in particular these values are essential. We secure high standards and moral values together with the application of current laws and regulations in all our consulting and realization. Read more

King Invest

King Invest provides management- and consultancy services, relying on more than 30 years of experience in financial administrative and fiduciary services. Our services are based on the experiences through the years that many companies with ambitions to expand are looking for expertise and an objective focus on transformation processes. We can advise and assist in restructuring but also in integration or disposal of subsidiaries.

King Invest also offers assistance and services to international companies in legal- and administrative areas to set up business-activities in The Netherlands. Today, globalization is reality. Cross border activities include taking account of (international) laws, rules and regulations of which the complexity increases every day, effect an increasing number of companies. Dealing with this in business and management King Invest offers hands-on and, if necessary, un-orthodox approaches to assist in solving problems in which companies can be involved nowadays.

Whereas specialization in specific areas has been the focus of many advisors, above all we believe at King Invest that advices should lead to an overall solution. This also includes our focus on communication and connection between the several roles, disciplines and people within a company, in national and international setting.

We are dedicated to offer the above mentioned in a royal way, meaning we intend to treat our clients with all possible respect and consideration, offering a high level professional and inspirational approach.  

If you are interested, you are invited to contact us.

Let me introduce...


Rob de Koning, founder and director of King Invest B.V., started his career in 1981 at the ABN Bank. In 1983 he switched to a subsidiary, ABN Trustcompany (Nederland) B.V., at first as accountant and soon leading a team of accountants. These years provided for multiple opportunities to grow and gain experience in working for and with international clients, as their contact and support. In the next eight years that followed, Rob developed in positions as proxy holder, senior account manager and director of client companies. In this capacity, advising in many board meetings, he was responsible for the financial statements and all compliance requirements.

His hunger for more developments challenged Rob to accept a position in a new team of the German Kaufhof Group, with a specific focus on transforming a typical German company into a European company. He became statutory director of their finance- and holding companies in The Netherlands and was involved in numeral acquisitions of the Kaufhof Group in the European market, during those years. Beside these activities he was part of the treasury team, which implemented various newly developed financial instruments.

In 1996, Kaufhof AG, Asko Deutsche Kaufhaus AG and Metro Cash & Carry International GmbH merged into a new worldwide multinational METRO AG. After this merger, Rob became managing director of all Dutch finance and holding companies of the METRO Group.

In the year 2000, METRO Group started an extensive de-consolidation project to dispose all subsidiaries including property not belonging to the new defined core-business lines. After Rob took part in this project that was accomplished in two years, he was ready for new challenges, which he found at TMF as managing director. All knowledge and experience he acquired in trust business, also from the perspective of the ‘corporate side’ found its way in this expanding trust office, which also had great ambitions to offer administration services and actively support companies in their plans to expand internationally. Rob was able to use and share his experiences in the mergers and buyouts that were to follow at TMF Group. After a merger of TMF with Equity Trust in 2011, Rob remained as co-managing director of TMF Netherlands, leading the largest trust office of The Netherlands. A year later, Rob took a new challenge to lead a new department, Outsourcing Business Services, in which administrative services were offered to operational companies.

After the above mentioned thirty years of development and growth, Rob felt it was time to add the gained knowledge and experience to his personal vision and ideas to make these available to a wider range of companies and organisations. For this reason he founded his company King Invest B.V., in which he works as a consultant, interim manager and advisor for trust activities, also he can assist companies in acquisition and disposal of participations. He truly believes that solutions can be simple and do not have to be limited to or from the perspective of one part of a company. Solutions must be operative, achievable and benefit the whole company or organisation.

Requests and reactions from many different sides in the international business market have confirmed his conviction that what he offers with King Invest B.V. can add substantial value and a beneficial level of services to his clients.

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